Tips for Washing Your VW Car

Not many people are aware that they can actually keep their VW cars to look as good as when they were new. Put it this way, you know we all spend quite a lot of time in our cars right? It’s a reflection of your personality, so why not give it the love and care it deserves. Well, here are some tips to keep your VW clean, comfortable and shiny.

Frequent washing of your VW will not only keep it looking ‘a million dollars’ but it will also protect the paintwork and prevent oxidisation.  It is also a good opportunity to check that everything cosmetic on your VW is in ‘tip top’ condition and that there are no lose bolts, badges, bumpers.

Remember while washing your car, be water-wise, check for local council restrictions and use a spray nozzle.

What You Will Need:

  • a microfibre cloth
  • a plastic bucket
  • a vacuum, leather cleaner, microfibre cloth to clean inside a microfibre cloth
  • high quality car cleaner (do not use household products as they may smear, or damage the paintwork)
  • hose with spray nozzle
  • a chamois
  • an old good towel

What to Do:

  1. Park your VW in a shaded location on a gradual incline to allow water run-off. Cleaning a car in the hot sun will cause products to dry too quickly and make them hard to remove.
  2. Detail the interior of your VW. Remove all the clutter first then give it a good vacuum, including in the boot. With a microfibre cloth, wipe down the dash, instrument panel, console area and interior windows. Clean the leather as per the product instructions. Shampoo floor mats regularly.
  3.  Now the exterior, rinse with the hose on a gentle force first to remove grit, mud and dust. Don’t forget to wash underneath your VW; especially for four wheel drives as road debris, mud and sand can accumulate here and if allowed to build up can cause rust.
  4. Wash your VW. Fill your bucket with water and the high-quality car cleaner. Use a microfibre cloth and work one panel at a time, wash from bottom to top and then back down again. This will help you to make sure you don not miss sections that you have to go back and re-clean. If you work from top to bottom the soapy water will drain down the panel making it harder for you to see where you have cleaned.
  5. Clean the wheels thoroughly to remove corrosive brake dust.  A wheel cleaner is recommended to make this job easier.
  6. Hose the car off.
  7. Dry the car immediately for best results.  Start with the wheels wiping away moisture from the tyres and rims with an old towel.  Then, take a chamois and dry the car, moving from top to bottom, dry the car in long, straight lines. Use firm but gentle pressure.
    Make sure that your chamois is clean so that you don’t put streaks and dirt onto the car.  To clean your chamois wash it in a bucket of warm soapy water and allow it to dry before use.  You should do this every third or fourth wash.
  8. Once your VW is dry you can wax it to provide a protective coating to repel dirt and water. It will make your car sparkle like new again and will last for about six months.

Enjoy that new car feel. If you are an owner of Volkswagen car and have other thoughts and tips we have not mentioned, please feel free to share it here.


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