Tips for Washing Your VW Car

  • Tips for Washing Your VW Car

      May 15, 2012     VW Car Blog     0 Comment(s)

    Not many people are aware that they can actually keep their VW cars to look as good as when they were new. Put it this way, you know we all spend quite a lot of time in our cars right? [...]
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  • DIY Volkswagen VW Car Maintenance

      May 7, 2012     VW Car Blog     0 Comment(s)

    If you have a VW car or Volkswagen of any model and you have always been thinking of a do-it-yourself car maintenance job and avoid all those unnecessary servicing costs when the next service is due. Here is some useful [...]
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  • Basic VW Car Safety Checks

      April 25, 2012     VW Car Blog     0 Comment(s)

    It is very essential to perform a regular check – up on your vehicle, especially if you own a Volkswagen / VW car. By doing so will help to save some costs in unnecessary repairs for VW car and Volkswagen [...]
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  • The Importance of Servicing Your VW Volkswagen Car Regularly

      April 17, 2012     VW Car Blog     0 Comment(s)

    We are all feeling the pinch and financially times are tough so most people are trying to save money. Some people think that a good way to save money is to forget about servicing their vehicle. WRONG! The benefits of [...]
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  • VW Car Service Centre

      April 4, 2012     VW Car Blog     1 Comment(s)

    Three Point Classic is a fully independent, family owned European car service and parts specialist based in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.  Operating for over 30 years, we specialise in VW car service, log book service, VW parts and VW [...]
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