The Importance of Servicing Your VW Volkswagen Car Regularly

We are all feeling the pinch and financially times are tough so most people are trying to save money.

Some people think that a good way to save money is to forget about servicing their vehicle.


The benefits of VW servicing far outweigh the negatives:

-        Extend the life of your VW

-        Reduce costs of repair over the vehicle’s life

-        Improve fuel efficiency

-        If you can provide a complete service history when you sell your VW, it will be worth more

-        Increase safety by reducing unforeseen and possible breakdown risks and accidents

-        Reduce vehicle time off the road and unexpected expense associated with it e.g. towing costs, car hire, taxi and public transport cost.

Book your VW / Volkswagen service today before you are running out of time.

In case you are in Brisbane, may we suggest you go to your local Brisbane VW  service centre, and if you live in the Gold Coast area, you can contact your local Gold Coast VW service centre.


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