DIY Volkswagen VW Car Maintenance

If you have a VW car or Volkswagen of any model and you have always been thinking of a do-it-yourself car maintenance job and avoid all those unnecessary servicing costs when the next service is due.

Here is some useful maintenance tips to extend the life of your VW and get the best out of your Volkswagen:

  1. Tyres
    Make sure you have the correct tyre pressure in your tyres to prolong their life.  If you are unsure of the correct pressure, consult the owner’s manual.  Tyres should also be rotated approximately every 10,000 km.  Keeping the tyres properly aligned prevents them from wearing prematurely.
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  2. Service Schedule
    Have your VW serviced at regular intervals as recommended by your local Volkswagen service centre.  A properly tuned and serviced vehicle will be more fuel efficient and last longer. Hint: If you are in Brisbane, you can get your VW service and repairs done at VW repairs Brisbane or VW service Gold Coast if you live on the Gold Coast.
  3. Be Aware
    Take notice of any warning alarms and gauges.  Refer to the owner’s manual for more information check out and action.  Check oil regularly and top up using oil as per your Volkswagen vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.
  4. Fuel
    Buy fuel from a high-volume petrol station because as their tanks are refilled more often there is less chance of impurities in the fuel.  Use the fuel as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, usually the highest octane rating available. Although higher octane fuel is more expensive you will find both the fuel consumption and performance will be better.
  5. Wash Your Car Regularly
    Not only will it look great but cleaning will help to prevent rust and it will highlight any cosmetic things that need to be fixed.  For example there may be a screw lose, bumper damage, paint chips and dents that you find that need to be fixed.
  6. Air conditioning
    Run your car’s air-conditioner for 5 minutes each month even in winter and the heater in summer.  This will keep the system lubricated to stop it from sticking or seizing up.
  7. Test Drive Your VW from time to time
    If you don’t often drive your VW at speed, at least once a month head to the highway and drive for at least 20 minutes at speed.  This will heat up the engine and burn off condensation that can affect the internal parts of the engine.

Oh last but not least, if you are going to be out of town and leaving your VW car behind back at home, make sure you unplug your car battery, trust me on this, it helps to prolong the life of your car battery. In case you are wondering how to unplug the battery? Well, don’t worry, it is just as simple as disconnecting one of the battery cables and it will be unplugged, easy as that!

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